LAYERSTOKEN (LAYT) - CoinLayers Exchange Token

Welcome to the official ICO of the CoinLayers Exchange Token, CoinLayers Exchange is a powerful liquidified cryptocurrency exchange with Sophisticated Technology Concept (STC). LayersToken is designed to engine and service the exchange platform. LayersToken has a total supply of 200 MILLION tokens in which 100 MILLION will be locked for one year for future use.

  • 18 - 24 May

    Phase 2

  • 25 - 31 May

    Phase 3

  • 1 - 7 June

    Phase 4

  • 8 - 14 June

    Phase 5



worth of tokens sold so far

27.81 BTC

BTC Raised

  • 31m
  • 60m
Softcap in 1 days LayersToken Hardcap
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About CoinLayers Exchange

CoinLayers Platform is a friendly platform with Sophisticated Technology Concept(STC), trade on our platform does not have a closing hour, it means the marketplace is opened 24/7. Orders are very fast and our order books are fluidified making cryptocurrency exchange easy, working with many orders submission is allowed. Our orders machine is active to take as many orders as you can work with. On Maintenance,

LayersToken (LAYT)

The CoinLayers Token is called the LayersToken with Symbol “LAYT”. LayersToken will run on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20), with a token of 200 million in which 100 million will be locked for one year for future use.


How do i buy some tokens

To obtain some token of the layerstoken, kindly follow the instruction bellow.

Login/Create Account

Click the login button to get your dashboard with you CoinLayers account login or if you dont have account click the Register button.

Load your Account

To buy LayersToken you have to load your bitcoin wallet or etherium wallet with CoinLayers Exchange.

Start Buying

Click on buy Token, and you will choose between Bitcoin and Etherium get the LayersToken.

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LayersToken ICO Distribution

In Supply
Phase 1 (Pre-ICO Sale) 14-05-201820,000,000 LayersToken
0.20 $
Phase 2 21-05-201815,000,000 LayersToken
0.24 $
Phase 3 28-05-201810,000,000 LayersToken
0.27 $
Phase 4 04-06-20188,000,000 LayersToken
0.31 $
Phase 5 11-06-20187,000,000 LayersToken
0.35 $

LayersToken ICO Roadmap

Esterblishment of the CoinLayers group

March, 2017

Setting up of the work environment

April, 2017

CoinLayers Exchange development starts

June, 2017

LayersToken dev team inauguration

August, 2017

LayersToken developemt starts

September, 2017

Websites lauched

November, 2017

Free Coin listing on CoinLayers Exchange

March, 2018

Exchange pre- launch program, pre ICO sales, ICO sales, Exchange BETA testing start

May, 2018

CoinLayers Exchange Launches, Layerstoken listing on coinlayers

June, 2018

Layers token wallet service launched

August, 2018

LayersToken becomes a base coin on Coinlayers

October, 2018

LayersToken listing on other exchanges

Novemeber, 2018

LayersToken Allocation

This is the LayersToken Allocation Chart